I compose music
with impact.

Justin Welgraven

I started creating my own electronic music when I was 12 years old, over the years I was fortunate enough to be able to transform my hobby into my day time job. I graduated from the HKU University of Arts as master of music in 2017. Currently, I dedicate most of my time to my own music production company called by RAVEN, with which I provide music and sound design for the media and events.

My signature sound is built around applying techniques commonly used in EDM production to other genres. Anything goes as long as it creates impact. So far I’ve been fortunate enough to work for major brands like Netflix, Hyundai, ID&T, Q-dance, J├Ągermeister, YoungCapital, Vodafone, De Efteling and many more.

Awards & Nominations

  • 2018: ­čĆć Won the “Best Music in Advertising award” by BUMA/STEMRA.
  • 2018: Nominated for the “Best Original Music in a Trailer award” by BUMA/STEMRA.
  • 2019: Nominated for the “Best Music in Advertising award” by BUMA/STEMRA.
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Intercell 0:58

Composed some hard hitting and grimy music for Intercell, a techno orientated event organisation based in Amsterdam. Together with Underscore Film.

GRID 1:08

I worked on the music for the official release trailer of the racing game GRID. With over 2 million views in a single day! In collaboration with Source Sound.

Creating Opportunities 1:04

Music composition and sound design for this commercial aimed at the new generation of art students. In collaboration with Major Fifth.

Vrijbuiter 0:56

Music composition and sound design for this sweet commercial for Vrijbuiter! In collaboration with Since ’88.

Intersport 1:07

Composed some heavy cinematic music and provided the sound design for this dope commercial for Intersport. In collaboration with Since ’88.

YoungCapital 1:01

Composed a hard hitting soundtrack for the latest commercial by YoungCapital. Combining elements of trap music with snappy sound design. In collaboration with Underscore Film.